Ten years ago, I never would have thought that I would have my own family today. Back then, I had no plans of getting married whatsoever. After watching my parents and other siblings get divorced, I actually intended to become a bachelor for the rest of my life. After all, why should I give up a life of endless partying and dating any woman that shows an interest in me without the slightest hint of commitment for a life of domestication and kids? That mindset, however, went to the dogs the moment I met my future wife. Long story short, I got hit by that “lightning” countless poets have written about, and the rest is history. My wife is my best friend, and she totally makes me happy.

What’s totally surprising for me is the fact that I now have three children. I have two sons and a daughter, which for me is a totally unimaginable situation to be in a decade ago. In fact, I sort of hated kids. Now that I have my own, one of which looks exactly like my clone, I now totally understand why people often had their breaths taken away by cute kids. They are absolutely breathtaking, and every move they make seems to be the only things that matters in the world.

Sure, all this will change when they reach their teenage years. If the behavior of today’s generation of children is any indication, they might even become the rebellious type and give us headaches. But while they are still this sweet and lovely bunch of kids, I intend to make the most out of it. I will spend whatever time I have with them. If I can afford it, I will take them to vacations that they will certainly remember for the rest of their lives. When they want something, I will do my best to give it, but only to the point where they wouldn’t turn out to be such spoiled brats. If there are things that I missed out on when I was kid, I will make doubly sure they will not miss them. Best of all, I will love them no matter what, even when they become your stereotypical teenage monsters. This is what being a dad is all about, and I’m only too grateful to be given this chance.